My Slideshow is about a guy who is supposed to meet his girlfriend at the park. He arrives exactly at the time they planned to meet and sits on a bench while waiting for the girl to show up. The series of pictures show he slowly becomes more bored and tired of waiting for his girlfriend. After waiting for many “hours”, he goes insane. By the end of the slideshow, he is in a daze and exhausted from the energy he used during his tantrum. The girl finally shows up and is slightly confused as to why his shirt is on the ground and why he looks like he has been stranded on an island for a long time. She checks her watch and the time is in fact only 20 minutes past the time they were supposed to meet. This story is meant to make fun of how women take a while to get ready and rarely show up on time and how it feels like hours have past to men when it has only been minutes.