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The Berenstain Bears

I remember reading a lot of these books when I was younger. It was about a family of bears and in each story they would need to get something done and the two children bears would learn something important.

Title: The Berenstain Bears

Authors and Artists: Stan and Jan Berenstain

Publishing Date: 1962


The famous painting I have chosen to change on Photoshop is American Gothic by Grant Wood. It was created in the 1930s during the Great Depression which made people look at it as the attitude and spirit of the average American. It only won 3rd place in a art show competition but became one of the most well known paintings in America. 

After studying this picture for a while, I noticed that the man’s glasses looked a lot similar to the glasses a famous book and movie character named Harry Potter wears throughout the story. I decide I was going to use that similarity to make the man look a lot like Harry Potter. I am going to remove the pitchfork from his hand and place a wand there instead; put a scar on his forehead; give him a griffindor badge and give him the Harry Potter hair style. 

Environment Picture 2

Photo Caption

Environment Picture

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My music poster is for the band Maroon 5 and the idea I had for it was to create a cartoon version of the Lead Singer using pen tool and shapes and have many random shapes and colors around his portrait to make it fit with the design of their album color.

When I asked the other students of their opinions, Juan said that I should try have all the shapes angled to look like they are coming from behind the portrait. Brianna said that I should use some of the abstract colors that the album cover had to make certain parts of the poster to stand out. Jean said I should use really abstract shapes all around the portrait and also have shapes going over the portrait.

From the feedback that I got, I know I have a lot of designs to mess with to really help the portrait stand out and flow with the overall feel that Maroon 5 has with their music and designs.

Project 2 Exercise 5 Homer Simpson